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Car Accident Attorney

Are you intimidated by the insurance red tape in the aftermath of a car accident? Have you suffered a personal injury in an SUV rollover? Have you lost a family member in a truck or motorcycle accident due to the negligence of another driver?car accident attorneys

If you have been hurt in a car accident, call Our Law Office for a free initial consultation. Our law firm has helped clients recover from car accidents since our founding in 1984.

Recovering from a Car Accident

At our Law Office, we will seek to maximize the financial compensation of your injury claim, including lost wages, damage to property, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Our law firm will be you legal and personal advocate in negotiations with insurance carriers and, if a fair settlement cannot be reached, we will make sure our clients are as prepared as we are for the litigation process.

Truck Crash Cases

As trucks far outweigh most other vehicles, the resulting injuries can be significant in trucking accidents, including turning accidents and jackknifing. We handle semi crash cases of trucks hauling gypsum, grain, and other heavy and hazardous loads carried by semi and big rig trucks. In truck crash cases, you may be able to make an injury claim against truckers, the trucking company, contractors, insurance companies, or some combination of parties for their negligence.

Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcycle rider, you are less visible and more vulnerable to serious injuries. We represent riders who have suffered catastrophic and traumatic head and brain injuries, and we assist families who have lost a loved one in filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Nothing can replace your loss, but we can help you recover a financial settlement.

motorcycle accident attorneys
motorbike accident on the city street

If you have been hurt in an auto, motorcycle, truck, or pedestrian accident, you must obviously seek medical help immediately. Once we have a report from your physician, we can better assess your claim and begin building your personal injury case. We will interview witnesses and police to determine negligence and liability in your car accident case, and rely on your doctor to state your current and long-term medical needs.

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We provide each client with the personalized care and service he or she deserves in overcoming a personal injury. Get the compensation you need, and begin by contacting us for a free initial consultation.

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